FeelTime is an experimental dance performance that investigates group participation, misconnection and empathy through FaceTime video technology. The work turns spaces into places and reminds viewers of their bodies. Spatial memory, conversation, and experiential participation are used to blur the rules of audience and performer. Since 2019, FeelTime has been presented in Minneapolis, MN, El Paso, TX, and Salt Lake City, UT. FeelTime is an ongoing community project that will present nationally through 2021.

Performers: Rachel Clark, Hannah Fischer, Eliza Tappan, Halie Bahr 

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FeelTime: University of Utah @ Hayes Christensen Theater, Salt Lake City, UT (December, 2019)

FeelTime: El Paso @ University of Texas, El Paso, TX (October, 2019)

FeelTime: 9×22 DanceLab @ Bryant Lake Bowl Theater, Minneapolis, MN (June, 2019)


Eliza Tappan in ‘FeelTime’ 2019