Halie Bahr

Halie is dancemaker currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She presents dances across the country, and has performed internationally. She is currently a MFA candidate and teaches within the School of Dance at the University of Utah.

The work I make wouldn’t be possible without those who joined me in the studio to make dances. I want to credit those who have helped develop and shape what the work is today. Thank you!

Current Collaborating Artists 

Rachel Clark

Emma Call 

Aileen Norris 

Ali Lorenz

Nora Lang

Lexi Hauck

Severin Sargent-Catterton

Previous Collaborators 

Kym McDaniel. Nora Henriksen. Marissa Jax. Maria Tordoff. Amelia Morris. Mikell Melius. Lucia Webb. Emily Bartsch. Nicole Spence. Miranda Zielinski. Kayla Flentje. Sarah Draper