Saudade (2018), E’lise Jumes – BRINE dance, Salt Lake City, UT 

bpm (2018), Halie Bahr – Summer Series III, Milwaukee, WI  – 9×22 DanceLab, Minneapolis, MN

Exit Strategy #3 (video), (2018), Kym McDaniel – Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA – Walker’s Point Center for the Arts, Milwaukee WI – Cellular Cinema, Bryant Lake Bowl & Theatre, Minneapolis MN – Kenilworth Gallery, Milwaukee WI

Still from Video ‘Exit Strategy #3’ – Kym McDaniel 2018

Reflection House (2018), Jennifer Glaws (Jagged Moves) – Northrup King Building, Minneapolis, MN

Love Letter (2017), Halie Bahr – Chicago Fringe Festival, Chicago, IL – 9×22 DanceLab, Minneapolis, MN – Summer Series II, Milwaukee, WI 

DESTROY// MINNEAPOLIS (2017), Leyya Mona Tawil (Dance Elixir) – The Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN

Field Dances (2017/1963), Merce Cunningham (Merce Cunningham Trust) – The Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN

Exit Strategy (2017), Kym McDaniel – Kenilworth Open Studios, Milwaukee, WI 

Splinter (video), (2016), Kym McDaniel – R.E.D International Film Festival, Oslo, Norway – FIVC, International Videodance Festival of Chile, Semi Finalist, Santiago, Chile

‘Splinter’ (film) – Kym McDaniel 2016 – R.E.D. International Film Festival – Norway

Night Light (2016), Kym McDaniel – Southern Vermont Dance Festival, Brattleboro, VT – Danceworks Performance Company, Milwaukee, WI

‘Night Light’ – Kym McDaniel + Company 2016 – Southern Vermont Dance Festival, Danceworks Performance Company

The Animal Corridor (2016), April Sellers Dance Collective – Tofte Lake Center, Ely, MN

Fairy Queen Fantasy (2015), Danceworks Performance Company – Lynden Sculpture Gardens, Milwaukee, WI

Wisconsin October (2015), Sarah Weber Gallo – Mainstage Theater, Milwaukee, WI

‘Wisconsin October’ – Sarah Weber Gallo 2015

Rouge Fuge (2015), Maria Gillespie – Mainstage Theater, Milwaukee, WI  

‘Rouge/Fuge’ – Maria Gillespie

Blush (2015), Halie Bahr – Gamut Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

 Reset: Set and Reset (2015/1983), Trisha Brown (Restaged by Melinda Meyers) – Mainstage Theater, Milwaukee, WI

The Green Glass Door (2015), Luc Vanier – Mainstage Theater, Milwaukee, WI

‘The Green Glass Door’ 2015 – Luc Vanier

 do not go gently (2014), Rebecca Stenn – Mainstage Theater, Milwaukee, WI

“do not go gently” – Rebecca Stenn 2014

Stand Till You Fall (the tune was an old rebel one) (2014), Elizabeth Johnson – Mainstage Theater, Milwaukee, WI

 Sight Readings (2014), Deborah Lowen (Wildspace Dance Company) – Inova Art Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

 Water Sight (2013), Stephan Koplowitz – Milwaukee Art Museum, Historical Water Tower, Milwaukee, WI

Vestiges (2013), Christina Briggs-Winslow – Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival, Chicago, IL – Milwaukee’s Opera ‘Ravel’s L’Enfant et les Sortileges’, Milwaukee, WI – Mitchell Hall; Milwaukee, WI

The Miraculous Mandarin (2013), Luc Vanier – Mainstage Theater, Milwaukee, WI 

Nut/Cracked (2011), Elizabeth Johnson (Your Mother Dances) – Mitchell Hall, Milwaukee, WI