repeat after me

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Repeat after me, 2018 

12 minutes

Choreography: Halie Bahr, in collaboration with performers

Video: Halie Bahr, sampled footage from Google Maps, Industrial Surrealism

Sound: Halie Bahr, excerpt by Jeff Rosenstock

Performance: Nora Henriksen, Ali Lorenz, Severin Sargent-Catterton

The idea of this work came from comparing the feeling of being inside my body to a wood doll. Splicing between a moving body and a wood doll became a metaphor for a disconnection and a tool to reenact memories and represent previous experiences. Shadows, bright colors, street views of Google Maps, and seasons as a metaphor for change make up the slow transformation over time and the ease of pain as one allows themselves to feel.

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University of Utah – Marriott Center for Dance – Salt Lake City, UT